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“I was suffering from gall stones and was advised to go for operation. Then I thought of alternative treatment where I knew Dr. Santosh  Kothari and started his treatment. Within a span of few months the gall stones disappeared.I have the USG abdomen reports with me and even the radiologist was surprised to see the result of homeopathic treatment, Not only this but I and my whole family including my children and grand children are under his care and I am fully satisfied with this treatment not only for chronic ailments but has amazing results even for all acute problems like fever, cough and cold, diarrhea, etc. I am fully satisfied with his treatment and I highly recommend him for all types of diseases.”

Mrs. Ranjana SaliSatisfied Paitent

” I am an actor and my career depends on my VOICE. I was suffering from hoarseness of voice and had almost come on the verge of getting operated foe the same. Then Dr. Santosh Kothari who was recommended by Shri Mahesh Manjrekar came to my rescue and within no time his homeopathic treatment changed my life. It not only brought my voice back but also saved me from the operation that was suggested to me by ENT specialist. I thank Homeopathy and Dr. Kothari for saving my career as an actor.  ”

Bahu KadamActor

“I first met Dr. Kothari almost 15 years back when I was very upset for my child Roger who was suffering from recurrent colds and cough with wheezing.  I was fed up with constant use of allopathic medication and thought of giving homeopathy to  my child Roger who was then 6 year old.  Presently since many years he if off the treatment and has now grown up child, with increased immunity and hardly ever falling sick.  Thanks to HOMEOPATHY AND DR. KOTHARI.”

Paul LokkuPatient’s Father

“My child who is extremely hyperactive and was suffering from recurrent fever with cough and cold.  One of my friends suggested to try Homeopathic treatment for him with Dr. Kothari.  Thanks to homeopathy and Dr.Kothari my child is much better now and I consult him for all our family problems and I am fully satisfied with his treatment to whole of my family and I highly recommend him.

Vaseem BhatiPatient

“My child Mudit was suffering from recurrent cough and cold and I was very disturbed due to his recurrent illness.  Everytime giving antibiotic for such a small child was disturbing me.  I approached Dr. Kothari for Homeopathic treatment and surprisingly Mudit is much better now though I am continuing his treatment as per Dr. Kotharis suggestion.”

Manish SinhaPatient’s Father

“I was under homeopathic treatment with Dr. Sntosh Kothari for my excessive bleeding during my Menses because of FIBROIDS. I am greatly thankful as his homeopathic treatment not only saved me from removing my Uterus but also helped me to combat all my problems. I use to bleed for almost 20 to 30 days at times but Dr. Santosh Kothari with his small homeopathic pills use to give me medicines which helped me to come over this problem permanently. I am thankful that my uterus is intact and now that my periods are over all my tests are normal. Thanks Dr Kothari”

Mrs. DandPatient

“I was suffering from Tinnitus and The veteran actor Shri Mahesh Manjrekar suggested me the name of Dr. Santosh Kothari. I started with his treatment. Initial consultation took almost one hour after which I was prescribed homeopathic medicines. Over a period of time the tinnitus (noises in the ear) have gone down and also with it the other problem of recurrent colds has also been sorted out. I am still under his treatment and feeling much better now. When this tinnitus started it was really making me depressed and was not able to concentrate in my work and also my sleep got disturbed. Homeopathy has really helped me and I am grateful to Maheshji Manjrekar for guiding me to the best in this filed. I highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Dr. Kothari.”

Chetan HansrajActor

” I was suffering from chills every day in the evening hours for almost a long time.  No medicines whatsoever including antibiotics helped me.  I use to dread this evening time from 6 pm onwards.  AS the time came near it caused me tremendous anxiety and i had to leave everything and go to my room, close all doors and windows and use to lie down with blanket.  This was happening for almost six odd months or above.  I was getting depressed day by day.  I was given different types of antibiotics thinking there might be some hidden infection somewhere.  But all pathological tests were normal and the treating doctors also were in a delima.  I was also given a course of Malaria which did not help.  Then Shri Mahesh Manjrekar told me about Dr. Kothari from Pune.  I approached him and he couriered me the homeopathic medicines.  Within a weeks time this cold was taken care of and till date has never appeared again.  I have forwarded a number of patients to Dr. Kothari for homeopathic treatment and  there has been 100% result and all are improved.  So I highly recommend him to everyone who wants to undergo homeopathic treatment.”

Salim KhanVeteran Indian Actor and Screenwriter

” I am an actor by profession. I was referred to Dr. Santosh Kothari by Shri Mahesh Manjrekar. I highly recommend Dr. Santosh Kothari who is a dedicated Homeopath. After connecting to Dr. Santosh Kothari I have become a true follower of homeopathy for all our family health problems both acute and chronic. I have called innumerable times just before my stage appearances for anxiety and other health related issues and I am proud to say that Dr. Kotharis homeopathic treatment has sailed me though all my crisis. I now firmly believe that Homeopathy is NOT SLOW IN ACTING BUT IS AS FAST AS ALLOPATHY AND WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS. YOU JUST NEED A GOOD HEOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR LIKE DR. SANTOSH KOTHARI who is very well read and gives you courage and helps you come out of all the crisis as far as health is concerned.  ”

Jitendra JoshiActor