Text to Check

100%  satisfaction guarantee if you are unsatisfied after taking treatment for 15 days than you return all our kit like our registration kit, we will refund the amount after deducting 25 % of whole amount (courier charges etc)

1. In case of requesting refund please send us a mail with your registration no.

2. We don’t offer any kind of refund in our one time consultation ,one month consultation,and three month consultation plans.

3. The refund can be given by cheque in favor of the patient and will be sent on patient registered address only.

4. If the patient recover after taking treatment and they having more treatment month in this case we can’t offer any kind of refund.

5. we don’t offer any kind of refund after 15 days of commencing the treatment.

6.If you want to registered for a refund, Refund request would be valid till 14 days from the date of purchase.