Homeopathy for Breast Feeding

Even though breast feeding is a natural process, many moms feel they want to give up on breastfeeding after a while due to different difficulties they might be experiencing during it.

Homeopathy can be particularly helpful for the most common breastfeeding problems. The homeopathic medicines are fast acting and completely safe for the baby.

Clogged/plugged ducts, breast pain and mastitis

Clogged/plugged milk ducts happen if your breasts are not completely drained of milk on a regular basis. You may notice a hard lump on your breast or soreness to the touch and even some redness. The prevention of clogged ducts and mastitis includes regular nursing and pumping to empty your breast (try emptying your breast at least every 2-3 hours).

Mastitis is a bacterial infection in your breasts marked by fever and pain in your breasts and you should see your doctor. About 1 in 10 breastfeeding women are affected by mastitis. It usually develops in the first three months after giving birth.


The earlier you start the homeopathic treatment, the greater your chance to avoid antibiotics and painkillers. If the situation does not improve rapidly within 24 hours, call your doctor.

Cracked nipples

This condition can be well treated with homeopathic medicines.  The action is faster and quick resulting in permanently curing the condition.


When to wean is a personal decision. To allow both mom and baby to adjust physically and emotionally to the change, weaning should be a gradual process. Weaning is easier and painless if you take homeopathic medicines. They decrease the milk supply, thus relieving the swelling of the breasts and the pain.