Hair Loss And Homeopathy

The first question that comes to any ones mind is – how to get away from this malady?

Is there really any treatment or just a hoax, just advertising without any effect?

There are certain things which we have to accept in our life – and one such thing is hair loss.  As one starts aging there is a normal hair loss which is acceptable seen in both males and females.  This acceptable limit everyone is aware off.

The treatment is required only if the hair loss is premature i.e. before the acceptable age limit.  In today’s fast world there are so many factors which have to be considered before beginning the treatment of hair fall.  For every small ailment one is seen taking opinion of a specialist and continuing with one drug or the other for even a smaller ailment which may disappear if allowed to run its own course.  Is this a good thing?  What is happening to the natural immunity in ones individual?  Slowly it is deteriorating and causing multiple problems including hair loss.  When one takes medicine any medicine for that matter he is not allowing his body to express its regret over certain things in the form of symptoms.  So when the expressions of the body are suppressed by one way or the other the expressing force which is trying to travel outside is let inside and then this force starts damaging the important internal organs of the system thereby slowly affecting adversely the immunity of ones individual.  Anything that lessens this immunity is bound to produce some or the other form of symptoms and one such symptom is hair loss.

The reason in today’s world is fast life, loss of sleep, irregularity of food habits, lack of balanced diet, lack of exercise, stress and tensions, financial worries, problems in relationships,  competition in ones field etc.  These factors if present whatever medicine you take might help in the initial stage for a short time but hair loss will restart once you stop the medicines.  I have seen children of ages 5 and above complaining of graying of hair and also hair loss.  What does this indicate?  What one should blame about?

The following things one has to be careful about:

1) Stop using bore water

2) Avoid frequent shampooing

3) Keep away from pollution

4) Avoid washing hair with very HOT water

5) Take regular head bath

It is not only the treatment which is important but also other factors which might help to stop the hair loss.   I have seen tremendous improvement in the hair loss when along with the homeopathic medicines the patients do certain exercises which I advise them.   Depending on the reason of hair loss the homeopathic treatment has to be undertaken, for e.g. hair loss after acute fever/illness might require remedies like China, carbo veg, Lcithin, Selenium etc.  while hair loss due to grief will require remedies like Acid phos and Ignatia, hiar fall related with stomach problems might be helped with silicea and nux vom, while hair loss after bleeding will be helped tremendously by Phosphorus.

Alopecia aerata is another such condition which can be benefited with homeopathy.  In this condition one sees hair loss in patches.  Remedies like Acid flour, and Syphilinum have influenced quite a number of my patients in this condition and they are very grateful to me for being able to solve this problem.

Other measures which might help reduce hair loss can be massaging of the scalp gently say once in 10-15 days.  Regular sleep. Regular eating habits, good nutritional diet, less of medication, less of stress and tensions.  Emotional stability is of utmost important and has to be taken into consideration while treating the patient homeopathically


What exactly is dandruff? According to me it is nothing but scaling of the scalp. I have seen that usually to stop this instead of external application of shampoos and oils one has to undergo internal homeopathic treatment which will help to eradicate the dandruff permanently.  This might take some time but usually I have seen that once treated with internal medicines it never recurs again.

One might ask if externally it is necessary to apply any oil or shampoo for dandruff.  In my opinion the external application might help only temporarily so if one has to go for permanent solution it is advisable to continue internal homeopathic remedies.

Remedies like Graphites, Sulphur, Psorinum, Nat mur Thuja and Kali sulph etc are useful and have helped quite a number of patients.