Back pain affects all industries, not just a few high-risk sectors. In 2003/04 an estimated 4.9 million working days (full day equivalent) were lost due to back pain caused or made worse by work.

Who gets back pain?

Most of us have back pain at some time. Usually the pain is not due to anything serious. If treated correctly it can disappear within a matter of days or weeks. Many people manage the problem themselves without seeing their doctor. But those who experience severe pain, those worried about their back pain or those for whom the pain persists or suddenly gets worse, should see a doctor. When the back is painful, activity may be limited for a short time but that does not necessarily mean that continuing to stay active, or at work, will do any harm.

What causes back pain?

Most back pain does not have an identifiable cause. Worrying about back pain may make it worse and hold back recovery. It is natural to worry about the pain you are experiencing, but you should be assured that in most cases, pain is not due to anything serious and can be overcome by following simple advice.

What can we do about back pain?

In the past, the accepted response to back pain was bed rest. Evidence now shows that rest does not help recovery. Trying to reduce the pain by avoiding activity can lead to a much longer recovery time and possibly long-term back pain. It is much better to keep to normal levels of day-to-day activity, using simple pain relief if needed. Manipulative treatment can help in some cases. In particular, having a painful back need not necessarily stop anyone going to work. In fact, the longer someone is off work because of back pain the less likely they are to ever go back. A gradual return to work, with modified tasks, will often help recovery.

What can lead to back pain in the workplace?

Back pain can arise in many work situations. The exact cause is often unclear, but back pain is more common in tasks that involve:

  • heavy manual labour, and handling tasks in heavy industry;
  • manual handling in awkward places, like delivery work;
  • repetitive tasks, such as manual packing of goods;
  • sitting at a workstation for a long period of time if the workstation is not correctly arranged or adjusted to fit the person, eg working with computers;
  • driving long distances or driving over rough ground, particularly if the seat is not, or cannot be, properly adjusted or adequately sprung. Operating heavy equipment, such as an excavator, can lead to excessive jolting and jarring.

Physical activities that can aggravate back pain, or at least be more difficult when you have back pain include:

  • stooping, bending over or crouching, including work at PCs (poor posture);
  • lifting objects which are too heavy or bulky, carrying objects awkwardly;
  • pushing, pulling or dragging excessive loads;
  • working beyond normal abilities and limits, and when physically overtired;
  • using poor lifting techniques (or where you are unable to use lifting aids due to the working environment);
  • stretching, twisting and reaching;
  • prolonged periods in one position, leading to postural strain;
  • situations where the whole body is subjected to vibration, jolting and jarring.

As with many ill health conditions, some people are more susceptible to back pain than others.


Homeopathic remedies which can benefit back pain are quite a few.  Depending upon the cause of the back pain these remedies come into act.

Backache from sudden sprain respond beautifully to Rhus Tox

Backache driving one out of bed – Nux vom and Kali carb

Backache ameliorated by complete rest will be benefited by Bryonia

Backache after a fall or injury – Arnica, Hyericum

Backache accompanied by hemorrhoid or piles – Aesculus Hip

Backache aggravated from lifting heavy things – Calc. carb,  Rhus tox, Graphites, Lyco

Backache which is ameliorated by lying on something hard – Nat mur, kali carb, Sepia,

The above are the few of the reasons which might help one to decide as to which homeopathic remedy one should take.  The homeopathic approach varies according to the reason of the backache.  So a detail history about the backache along with modalities of the pain and accompanying symptoms if any will help the homeopathic doctor to prescribe rightly and help the patient instantly.  The results are astounding and long lasting.

Along with the homeopathic remedies regular back exercises will help to keep the patient fit.  Swimming is one of the exercises that I recommend to my patients of backache and they have responded very nicely.  Avoid bending forward.  “Bhujang Assan” from yoga if done on regular basis keeps the back pain away.  A visit to a physiotherapist, who will guide one in doing proper exercises for the pain will be of quite a benefit.

It is always better to take a bed rest if the pain is very severe and then slowly over a period of time start with regular activities.

Do visit your doctor and start the treatment under his guidance.  Do not attempt to take homeopathic medicines on your own