SARS & Homeopathy

You must be aware that during an epidemic, a person who has lesser immunity is the one who is affected and starts suffering; while a person who has better immunity levels does not suffer from the epidemic disease. In simple words the disease force has to overpower the natural immune force to attack the individual. This is possible only if the individual immune system is strong enough to fight back the disease force. To increase the immune power of an individual one should adhere to a simple living, balanced diet, regular exercise, less stressful work, and avoid late nights, eating of unhygienic food, fast food, avoid being angry, avoid emotional stress, etc. Naturally when you are adhering to this standard, your body gets sufficient nourishment and proper rest. This will naturally improve your resistance power and there are less chances of falling ill.

Homeopathy depends on the symptoms of the individual. Which means that anything that goes wrong in and outside the body, the body immediately shows it in the form of symptoms. For example, a person gets wet in the rain and starts getting headache. The body produces headache in trying to defend itself from this sudden exposure to rain. In this case, a single dose of the appropriate homeopathic medicine will immediately cure this headache. If the person neglects this headache, then in all probabilities, he might suffer from cold, nasal discharge and flu like symptoms that are a natural outcome of getting wet in the rain. This means that the headache that could have been cured in the initial stages by homeopathic treatment now has gone deeper and flu like symptoms with fever has appeared. This can also be treated with homeopathy. Instead of waiting for all these symptoms to develop, when there is slight deviation health that can be noticed through changes in symptoms, he should immediately resort to homeopathic treatment.

SARS is a respiratory illness that has recently been reported in Asia, North America, and Europe. SARS begins with a fever greater than 100.4°F [>38.0°C]. Other symptoms may include headache, an overall feeling of discomfort, and body aches. Some people also experience mild respiratory symptoms. After 2 to 7 days, SARS patients may develop a dry cough and have trouble breathing. SARS appears to spread is by close person-to-person contact. If you think you (or someone in your family) might have SARS, you should consult a health care provider as soon as possible. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing. If you have a surgical mask, wear it during close contact with other people.

Homoeopathy can be applied to SARS. If the patient immediately resorts to homeopathic treatment in the initial stages itself; irrespective of the nature of the disease, just by considering the symptoms, the patient can be very well treated successfully by homeopathy. Thereby further development of the SARS symptoms can be averted.

In short, there is no need to panic about this disease. Instead, a proper approach towards the same by uplifting ones immune levels as mentioned above, will help many people. If at all there are symptoms developed like sore throat and fever, immediately consult your doctor and start treatment, which will arrest further development of the disease. Prevention is always better than the cure. There are certain homeopathic remedies that will help to increase the immune levels of the individual so as not to suffer from the Upper Respiratory Tract diseases. Those who are about to travel or those who feel that they easily suffer from URT diseases should take these homeopathic medicines that will keep them fit in this fearful situation of SARS also.

In my last twenty-five+ years of practice I could prevent spread of several viral diseases like measles, mumps, chickenpox and viral conjunctivitis successfully with homeopathic medicines given to family members where these cases were reported. Similarly, I feel that certain homeopathic remedies if taken in advance should give enough immunity to an individual to resist the SARS virus. It is too early for me to claim anything as regards SARS; but from my experience, I definitely feel that HOMEOPATHY can offer a better prevention and thus could help to control the spread of SARS.

– by Dr. Santosh Kothari .

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