What has Homeopathy to offer to the present Generation? Is there anything in Homeopathy that will help today’s modern society? These are the questions that come to our mind when we think about homeopathy. Is it sufficient for the patient just to take homeopathic medicines for his ailments and think himself cured? What exactly Homeopathy has to offer?

I will try to explain this. When one calls oneself as diseased? It is when one starts feeling something, some sensation in the body, which was absolutely not there during health, i.e. one starts realizing a difference in one of the body parts. For e.g. when one suffers from headache, he starts feeling a pain in the head, but before this began, he is totally unaware of the fact that he has a head, which means he is not conscious of that part. But the moment he starts suffering he becomes conscious about it. This is pathology in terms of homeopathy and this has to be treated. Similarly when a child starts beating other children for no reasons, and this was not the case previously; then this is pathology and requires treatment. This can be cured with proper homeopathic medicines. Also we see robbers who are robbing other people, criminals who are doing crime in spite of punishments, what are all these things? Are these people by birth robbers or criminals? No! But certain changes have taken place during their upbringing and these have produced in them these qualities. This is pathology and can be corrected with correct homeopathic treatment. So this is what Homeopathy offers to the society. If one is continuously under homeopathic care, these pathological traits will not come into him. Thereby we will see a healthy society. Homeopathy believes in all these traits. This is a small fraction of things, which can be achieved with homeopathy. If one goes deeper into this science one realizes the things that can be achieved by homeopathy.

In today’s world one gets very good training in the field of physic and mind. So we see the best of physical abilities one can achieve and also the best of mental achievements. Where today’s education is lacking is in emotional training, which has to be imparted to the children. This lack of emotional training is causing lot of problems in children. Children are unable to cope up with the modern fast life and the competition. So when they fail somewhere we see these children going on to become severe schizophrenics, become depressed and also we see suicides which are becoming very common in younger age groups. Also the criminal activities are increasing in younger age groups. The very recent killings done by a child in the United States in a school shows us the reality and the severity of the problem. The sole cause being lack of emotional training. This child who killed didn’t felt a thing about it. No emotions!

Because of the fierce competition and the inflation both the parents have to work. This is causing an emotional trauma to the children. Parents leave the children under the care of the maid, and thereby the emotional warmth that is the basic necessity of any child is lacking. When these children get older they are not in a position to face the outside world. Also the unicellular families provide and cater to the every need of the child and then the child develops a tendency of never to be let down. And when the same child grows older and starts facing the outside world and its problems it becomes impossible for this child to survive and face the emotional trauma.

The movies and the TV serials that these children watch are also one of the reasons why certain traits are developing in these children. When such problem starts arising Homeopathy is the best way to depend upon as Homeopathy has medicines which will help the child to realize the reality and can make the child bold enough to face the world. Also we see children unable to mix with others, very reserved, shy, and coward. These tendencies also can be treated best with homeopathy and thus will make these types of children more acceptable to the society.

Apart from treating the diseases at par Homeopathy therefore has wide scope of application and thus can make the society grow rich with the healthier children who will be the future generation of the society and thus will make the Nation grow stronger. These children treated homeopathically will have their own creativeness, and will be able to lead the country to become one of the Best in the world.

The other things the common man doesn’t know about homeopathy are as follows:

There are a large number of people who feel that homeopathy is useful in only very chronic illnesses and therefore come for homeopathic treatment at a very late stage. The earlier you come the less days of treatment is required but the more late you come it will take a longer time to treat the disease.

An acute complain say a fever, or an acute attack of tonsillitis, or diarrhea or headache etc. can be treated as fast or even more faster then allopathic and without the side effects of allopathic medicines.

People believe that there are lots of restrictions while one is undergoing homeopathic treatment. This also is a misconception. It is advised that half-hour before and after the treatment one should not eat or drink anything. Other then these, restrictions are pertaining to the disease itself for e.g. If one is suffering from recurrent colds then he has naturally to avoid cold drinks and cold food.

One is never to take allopathic medicines during homeopathic treatment is another misbelieve. In certain cases both medicines are to be continued for e.g. in cases of hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes, conditions relating to heart, etc. We can only stop these drugs when one sees improvement in relations to symptoms. Also in life threatening instances if you take allopathic drugs they act much quicker and a smaller dose is required to come out of this episode if one is under constant homeopathic medicines. Constant in the sense that whenever one falls ill due to acute conditions and during that time if this acute condition is treated homeopathically. Only in certain forms of chronic diseases the treatment has to be continued for a longer duration.

How Homeopathy works?

Homeopathy is a difficult science to practice. The medicines are very potent. They should be taken only from a reputed doctor who knows exactly as to what he is dealing with. There are lots of lay homeopaths that practice and treat people with reading books. Even we see in many of our homes some of our family members treating with homeopathy. They don’t know the basic laws of homeopathy. The medicines are very dynamic and a single dose acts for months together, so you can know the power of these medicines. Do not take them lightly and go on putting pills in your mouth whom so-ever gives you. These medicines are very deep acting. If they can cure the most chronic ailments you will understand their capacity. The dynamic power that is released while processing these medicines acts and cures the disease. There are no specifics in homeopathy; it is the only science which is based on individualization.

As every individual is different so also medicines required for every person differs from the other, though suffering from a similar disease. Therefore every caution has to be taken while prescribing these medicines. It is an art that very few can master and therefore it is advisable to take these medicines from the best in the field.

The selection of the medicine is the most difficult of the entire task that a homeopathic doctor has to face. All the details as regards the reason of the illness, the change in symptomatology because of the illness, the desire and aversion as regards food, climate etc are to be taken into consideration. Even the details of the family history, past history etc help the physician to select the medicine. Also the nature of the patient accounts for prescription.

Once the medicine is selected; it helps the patient increase his immune system. Slowly and steadily once this is improved, the patient starts falling ill less and less, his internal defense system improves and this automatically helps to eradicate the illness and slowly he starts gaining weight and feeling better not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. This helps the patient in many ways, as his irritability goes down, he starts looking differently to the things and readily starts accepting things thus relieving his anxiety and fears and phobias permanently.

Though there is no outward any change in the situation still he is in a position to see it in a different angle and thus calming him down. This is the major advantage of Homeopathy over all other systems. It gives you a real creative power thereby the negativism that is their inside you disappear and a positive feeling envelops the person. The right remedy removes all the negative traits in a person permanently. Thus if you follow homeopathy not only it will improve you but also overall there will be an improvement in the society and thus the Whole Nation will improve.

Why one falls sick?

Newtons third law says that Action and Reaction are always equal and opposite. Similarly our body will react only if there is something-wrong taking place. Illness comes because of our own mistakes. Like eating unwanted things, at unwanted timings, no regularity in the life, late nights, no exercise, over work and tensions, inability to overcome in some emotional situations, etc. So when you overdo any of the above things the body starts giving out signals first and if you do not react to these signals then definitely the body will bring out symptoms which you call it as disease.

So it is our own mistake that makes us ill. A simple example will clarify my point. If you are having late night for a day there will be a slight lethargy feeling the second day. If you have late night again for another 2-3 days then you start feeling tired, your appetite will go down, there will be difficulty in concentration with constant desire to lie down. There will be bodyache and pain in lower limbs etc. But suppose if you give rest to your body immediately after you had late night on the first instance then body will immediately get adjusted and you will not get all the symptoms as stated above. If you eat unhygienic food you will suffer from diarrhea. So body will through out the toxins on its own. If you just take rest for a day and restrict yourself with simple food the body on its own will take care of itself without the help of any medication.

This is the inherent power which our body has but we do not allow that power to act and immediately pop some pill which slowly suppresses this immune power and that in our later years of life we start suffering from different types of diseases one after another.
Slowly as we start suppressing one ailment from another our immune system goes down slowly and as a result we start falling sick every now and then for simple reason as change of weather. Thus the hereditary illnesses then make their way into our system and make us more ill.

Therefore the “mantra” as not to fall ill is taking proper care of us not only externally but also internally i.e. mentally and emotionally. Not to suppress any of our body symptoms that come up, but allowing our body to take care of them and when needed give homeopathic medicine’s for the same. This doesn’t mean that one should not enjoy the modern day’s facilities. I will suggest that if you have a day’s late night the next day compensate for the loss of sleep and then the body will not complain. If you overeat for a day see to it that you eat less for the next week, this will give enough time for the body to balance itself and will not show any symptom of overeating. Which means that if you overdo anything see to it that you give time for the body to redo itself and bring balance into your system. Emotionally also you should be stable otherwise this will also harm your body. Homeopathy has many drugs, which will help you to overcome your emotions and thereby the emotional upheavals that one goes through will not cause any harm to your mind and body. A simple example will make this clear. One gets headache after his superiors suppress him. This is because he is unable to say anything to this superior and therefore the pressure of adjusting showed itself in the form of headache. A single dose of homeopathic medicine will make this headache disappear in no time.

Also to remove the ill-effects of grief, fear and phobias in children, fear of exams, stage fright, etc which are inborn are well treated with homeopathic medicines. Parents and teachers have to be very careful when scolding children as some sensitive child if unable to tolerate this can go into convulsions, vomiting, headache, etc which is difficult to diagnose and no tests will reveal anything, as the cause is mainly emotional. Homeopathy has a great potential to treat these kinds of ailments. Another advantage of Homeopathy is its ability to eradicate hereditarial tendencies. E .g. if there is a family history of cancer then if one is under homeopathic treatment slowly and steadily this tendency which passes from one generation to the next can be delayed and many a times eradicated completely.

The western people now have realized the hazards of modern treatment and slowly they are turning towards alternative therapies and Homeopathy is one of the most sought after therapy in these countries. As it is just 150 years old and the people are not aware as to the powers of homeopathy this is a small effort on my side to give you few tit bits as to what HOMEOPATHY can do.

Also with proper homeopathic doses we can prevent many things happening to us. Like if you start getting symptoms of indigestion after eating oily food a single dose taken immediately will make you feel all right. Similarly if you have a tremendous anxiety before giving a speech a dose or two of the right medicine will make you brave enough to go and give the speech. Late nights that are a regular feature nowadays also upsets us all. Again a dose or two of the right medicine will make you feel better and there will be no hang over on the next day. Suppose your children wants to enjoy the rains they can go out and enjoy and get wet till they want. If you feel a cold is coming give a single dose and it will abort the cold there and there only.

All the above things are not known to many of them. These things if known will make HOMEOPATHY not only popular but will also spread among the general masses and thus help in overall improvement of the life of the nation thereby making our India strong enough to lead the whole world in the right direction.

:- by Dr. Santosh Kothari .