Why Homeopathy

Homeopathy offers most modern and sophisticated outlook to health, disease and the treatment. Any disease is no more treated as an isolated segment in the body but with a revolutionary totalistic approach.

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Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.

― Mahatma Gandhi

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About Us

Dr.Kothari’s Clinic offers best homeopathy treatment of good standard for all major and minor diseases with a  very high success rate  without side effects.

Dr.Kothari’s Clinic is run under direct care of Dr. Santosh Kothari who has over 35+ years of experience. His team of two full time doctors and other support staff have a distinction of having treating eminent patients from various faculties such as  diplomats, ministers, film celebrities,high profile government officers, etc. from many countries.

  • Our Motto

    Homeopathy For Mankind

  • Our Vision

    To treat patients with alternative therapy i.e. homeopathy which is slowly and steadily being accepted worldwide. Making public aware of the side effects of allopathic mode of medication.

  • Our Approach

    Providing honest, comprehensive, caring, cost effective and expert homeopathy treatment

  • Cured Cases

    Check out photos of treated cases by Dr.Santosh Kothari using homeopathic medicines

What patients say about us

“I was suffering from gall stones and was advised to go for operation.  Then I thought of alternative treatment where I knew Dr.Santosh Kothari and started his treatment.  Within a span of few months the gall stones disappeared.I have the USG abdomen reports with me and even the radiologist was surprised to see the result of homeopathic treatment,  Not only this but I and my whole family including my children and grand children are under his care and I am fully satisfied with this treatment not only for chronic ailments but has amazing results even for all acute problems like fever, cough and cold, diarrhoea, etc.  I am fully satisfied with his treatment and I highly recommend him for all types of diseases.”

Mrs. Ranjana SaliSatisfied Patient

“I first met Dr. Kothari almost 15 years back when I was very upset for my child Roger who was suffering from recurrent colds and cough with wheezing.  I was fed up with constant use of allopathic medication and thought of giving homeopathy to  my child Roger who was then 6 year old.  Presently since many years he if off the treatment and has now grown up child, with increased immunity and hardly ever falling sick.  Thanks to HOMEOPATHY AND DR. KOTHARI.”

Paul LokkuPatient’s Father
” My child Mudit was suffering from recurrent cough and cold and I was very disturbed due to his recurrent illness.  Everytime giving antibiotic for such a small child was disturbing me.  I approached Dr. Kothari for Homeopathic treatment and surprisingly Mudit is much better now though I am continuing his treatment as per Dr. Kotharis suggestion. “
Manish SinhaPatient’s Father
“​I am 50 years old, Israeli, and from the last 13 years I am diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Lately the suffering was very strong, both, physically and emotionally, In addition to the disability of the body, I was going through an unbearable anxiety and depression that aggravated my muscles pain, sleep, and few other symptoms.​ I have asked Dr. Kothari’s help through a friend that is his patient as well, We spoke him over phone and he started diagnosing me and sent some homoeopathic medicine.
I must admit I was sceptical at first, but I had nothing to lose, so gave it a try. it was a matter of few days and my body responded so well for the treatment, I am amazed!. anxiety is gone, now I am able to sleep very well, my body feels lighter and depression is not there anymore…How can i ever thank Dr. Kothari enough? I wish for other people that suffer to be helped by Dr. Kothari! ​I believe god has blessed Dr. Kothari with knowledge, compassion and he is very capable.​”

Thank you

Samidhi David Patient from Israel
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